Homer’s Biography

Homer, better known as Glen Schley to his family and friends, was born in Dublin, The Republic of Ireland. It wasnt long before he and his family left for pastures new. From Ireland to the U.K., the U.K. to the Netherlands.. you get the picture. Now, he resides in Rotterdam (Tha Docks).

He got his first taste of hiphop at the tender age of 12, together with his homie Ski. since that day he didn’t stop thus pushing his desires forward and enrolling at Audio Technology College where Homer got his Audio Engineering Diploma. Now with full recording capability he was unstoppable. Homer was only sixteen, but he didn’t let something little like being a minor stop him. He developed his talent and polished his abilities, always aiming higher.

Homer and his associate started a crew with another Emcee and so Artzmen was born. Artzmen was more than a jumpstart to Homers career, it was a time of intense learning. Although it was mainly a good experience, there were problems in paradise so Homer continued solo.

During all this commotion Homer still had his goal in sight. He was back at college studying for his next diploma: Multimedia Producer. When he wasnt at college he was at home producing, writing or recording his own projects or his little brothers. Talent must run in the family as his brother is a dope young Emcee. Who goes by the name Stile tha Masta together they perform as The Docks Saints.

Anyways, its time to bring this story to a close so here’s a summary of where Homers at right now: hes reached the point where knowledge meets action and theory meets practice. He pays the bills with his graphical designs and various other ventures. The rest of his time he spends working hard as a producer, audio engineer and a dedicated musician.

This may be the end of the story but its still the beginning of Homers Odyssey.

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