Stile Tha Masta

Stile’s Biography

Stile Tha Masta (aka Dean Stephen Schley) has a similar background story to Homer. This is mainly due to the fact that Stile is Homer’s younger brother. They both travelled around at a young age following their parents to pastures new before settling in Rotterdam aka Tha Docks.

At the age of ten Stile was confronted by a number of elements in HipHop and started getting into graffiti with the FNS Crew (Homer and Ski). It wasn’t until he heard “Changes” by Tupac Shakur that Stile knew this was the path for him.

During his teenage years nothing changed and Stile knew it was time to bring all these elements together and use the knowledge he had gained to start rhyming, it was then he embarked on setting up the crew Global Brothers with his closest homie’s at the time KO and A.R.T.

They gained some underground buzz after entering into a number of battles and recording in various studios around town, during the early 2000’s but unfortunately split, as various members moved and/or changed career paths.

Stile kept rhyming and entering cypher’s as he knew this was never gonna stop and now he his making his own buzz as a solo artist and as a part of the collective The Docks Saints (Stile & Homer).

With all of these opportunities at his feet, he is ready to take over the game. Watch this space…